Timeline To The Future is a heart centered effort coming from a genuine place of wanting to serve for the greater good of all. As we align with the Universal Laws and Principles, we understand the tremendous power of selfless-service and giving. We honor all those who choose to contribute at any level to this humanitarian mission.

As an independently financed, volunteer, and humanitarian operation, Timeline To The Future is always seeking skilled people who are interested in volunteering some of their valuable time or expertise to help Timeline To The Future reach and support more people. This may include helping out with some research, searching for specific content to enhance the website, marketing advice, or simply some constructive input. Whatever you know or do, I'm sure we could use your help and advice.

The following list will be updated regularly as we see a need for support in a particular area of the Timeline To The Future initiative.


The Timeline To The Future community project has three levels of volunteer support.

  • Virtual Volunteers: Virtual volunteers are those who help Timeline To The Future from the comfort of their home, office, or another remote location. These volunteers may provide: web development, publication editing, marketing, consulting, event organizing and promotion, service provider selection, product research, development logistic, resource management, etc.

  • Project Volunteers: Project volunteers are those who provide products, services and expertise to the community project by remote and on-location activities. These services revolve around the planning and promotion of the community project including: sustainable product evaluation, architectural design, development related research, video filming and editing, and other support staff activities, etc.

  • Development Volunteers: Development volunteers are those who provide products, services, expertise, and support for on-location activities at the Timeline To The Future Community Project. These services revolve around development activities of the community project including: sustainable product installation, heavy equipment operators and drivers, construction manpower, site maintenance, development logistics, etc.


Contributors are those who volunteer or are hired as consultants and advisers of the Timeline To The Future initiative and community project development, those who donate or sell products and services, those who volunteer their time in exchange for an education in the creation of sustainable communities, and those who wish to contribute financially as a humanitarian gesture.

Timeline To The Future will express it’s appreciation to contributors in a variety of public forums. Contributors will be listed in materials that are distributed at all Timeline To The Future events and seminars. This includes seminars that are designed to help people who are seeking advice, products, and services in order to create their own sustainable communities. Contributors are listed on the Timeline To The Future website Sponsors page along with their specific products or services. The Timeline To The Future newsletter will acknowledge and highlight contributors for their support. Contributors will also receive exposure through audio and video interviews by the Timeline To The Future staff.