Events Overview

Timeline To The Future is committed to supporting humanity on a global level and to assist people with understanding and preparing for the coming events. Besides the wealth of free information contained within this website, Timeline To The Future provides seminars on topics that include: Conscious Acceleration, Physical Preparation for the Coming Events, Planning and Living in Sustainable Communities, and Understanding the Cosmic and Geophysical Events.

These seminars encompass all of the research, knowledge, and wisdom that has manifested Ivan Stein's written and video content, the Timeline To The Future website, Community Blueprint, the Timeline To The Future sustainable community project, and most importantly how to prepare spiritually, emotionally, and physically for living off-the-grid.

Timeline To The Future offers the following seminars options to assist individuals and communities transition and transform through these challenging times. Please feel free to visit our Events Calendar for information on upcoming events in your area or Contact Timeline To The Future to discuss the possibility of holding an event in your area.



  • Preparing for 2010: This seminar includes a two hour Power Point presentation that is the result of Ivan Stein’s ongoing research into the topic of Social Economic events beginning with some very dramatic changes coming in the near future and how to prepare individually, in groups, or sustainable communities. This presentation will be followed by a two hour question and answer period. This content is also contained in the "Timeline To The Future" book.

  • Timeline To The Future: This seminar includes a two hour Power Point presentation that is the result of 10 years of research into the topic of the probable and possible Cosmic and Possible Earth Events. This presentation will be followed by a two hour question and answer period. This content is the foundation of the Timeline To The Future Initiative and is also available in the "Timeline To The Future " DVD and book.

  • Sustainable Communities: This is a full day interactive workshop on planning a sustainable and off-the-grid community for the coming events. This will include: how to choose those members that will make up the core consciousness of your community, how to choose a location, how to choose your community members, how to attract development finances, organizing resources for the development effort, and the psychological challenges of life in a sustainable off-the-grid community. Participants will be provided templates for creating their own community along with detailed answers to their questions. In order to take full advantage of this presentation, participants should familiarize themselves with the Timeline To The Future content either by attending a “Timeline To The Future ” seminar, watching the DVD video series, reviewing the website content or reading the "Timeline To The Future " book.

  • Positive Manifestation: This is a two day interactive workshop based on Ivan Stein’s ground-breaking lecture series entitled “Healing for Positive Manifestation”. This workshop will help those who wish to accelerate their spiritual growth and ability to manifest positive experiences through these times of exponential conscious evolution. Prior to attending this event, participants are required to have viewed Ivan’s free four hour video presentation through our YouTube channel. This workshop will help participants incorporate this ground-breaking understanding on the law of manifestation to a higher level and answer questions about participant experiences with cause and affect and manifestation. This workshop will dispel several myths about manifestation and help empower participants to manifest more positive experiences in their lives.

  • Custom Programs: Timeline To The Future also provides custom platform events in the form of consulting and seminars for those who have specific needs or interests that are outside of these predefined events.