Timeline Update

We are now well past the infamous 2012 date with no real changes to social or personal lifestyles as we continue moving forward with preparations for the coming events. 

Our understanding of these times has always revolved around a sequence of events which is often referred to as the “timeline”.  Through ongoing research into current events and future probabilities, we have come to realize that we are just in the beginning states of this timeline.

Our world is experiencing an increase in severity and frequency of natural disasters, weather changes, and events of a cosmic and global significance. Every day there is also increasing evidence that any possible cataclysmic events of a cosmic and geophysical nature will not occur prior to 2017. Even now, there are prominent speakers in this field who are providing new insights into the timing of these major events.

Although these insights and predictions may appear to be more realistic and in alignment with ongoing current events, it's become increasingly important to realize there is no need to predict the date of these future events, but simply to pay attention to current events and our own inner divine guidance. In other words, as events on a global and personal level unfold, we will gain greater clarity into the timing and arrival of any cosmic and geophysical events.

We believe there are a number of events on the global timeline that are designed into this reality and will occur whether we want them to or not. We understand that many people may not agree with this belief and feel that the consciousness of humanity or some other higher consciousness will or has already altered the timeline and thus eliminated these events from ever happening.

At Timeline To The Future, we believe there are several events remaining on the global timeline that will unfold prior to the arrival of any possible cataclysmic cosmic and geophysical events. We believe the following events have not been stopped or altered and will be experienced by all of humanity in the near future, but not necessarily in this order.

  • WWIII is supposed to last for approx 3.5 yrs (will likely coincide with the global economic collapse)
  • Global economic collapse (barely started, but there is a long way to go yet)
  • The redistribution of wealth so those who are working to prepare and help others have greater access to resources.
  • China becoming the new global super power (approaching, but will require the collapse of most global financial markets before it actually happens)
  • Appointment of the last Pope in history through the 900yr long prophecy of St. Malachy
  • The Pope moves out of the Vatican for the first time in history and most likely in preparation for a coming attack on the Vatican due to global tension and ongoing ethnic and religious cleansing
  • Global famine reaching over 50% of the population (will result from the global economic collapse)
  • Global martial law as a result of war, famine, and the world-wide chaos

The complete list of events remaining on the global timeline is lengthy, but if you believe they will occur prior to the cataclysmic cosmic and geophysical events, then you can see that there will be plenty of events to signal the apparent or imminent need to become sustainable and part of a community.

The fact that 2012 became the greatest non-event in history created both a decrease in anxiety and an increase in commitment by those of a balanced and grounded spiritual understanding. Such a non-event has also provide a natural filter of those that truly believe achieving self-sustainability is necessary for the future of humanity with those that believe nothing will happen and there is no need to plan for anything.

As we begin to understand the man-made events on the timeline and the global politics that has created them, it becomes obvious that such events are planned and orchestrated over periods of decades in order to accomplish very specific goals. This doesn’t mean that nothing is going to occur in the near future. We can certainly imagine the ongoing decay in global economic conditions, an increase in hostility between nations, and continued movement towards a one world government with new monetary systems. We can also imagine the continuous and exponential acceleration of conscious awakening, awareness, and expansion through these times.

We, at Timeline To The Future, are comfortable with our understanding of the available timeline data as it relates to our personal lives and the opportunity to prepare for our future sustainability. Either way, it is up to the individual to determine what they believe and what actions are in alignment with those beliefs.

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