Future Maps

There are several resources that provide maps representing the future geophysical landscape of planet Earth. Some of these maps claim to be the result of geophysical activities related to this time in history while others don’t provide any details about when or what event will cause these changes. Either way, the maps are provided as information that may or may not be important to your understanding of the potential and probable coming events.

These future maps are referenced as an example of the possible consequences from the cosmic and geophysical events. These maps have been referenced by Timeline To The Future because they provide the closest representation to past cyclical geophysical patterns on Earth, to various sources of prophecy, and to maps drawn by other people.

Timeline To The Future is aware of other future map resources and has reviewed these future maps to determine which are most in alignment with the events as they are understood to unfold in the near future. These maps are provided to illustrate the possibilities, and are not to be considered absolute fact. Even the authors of these maps are generally cautious about claims of accuracy and will often provide a disclaimer about the timing and accuracy of their maps.

The below graphic provides three different representations of the future map of the United States from three separate sources. These sources include: Gordon-Michael Scallion, Lori Toye, and John Running Deer Eleazer.

If you read about these three map authors, you will find the vision of their map came in a completely unique manner and was not based on maps drawn by other people. As you can see below, their maps are strikingly similar.

The next map is a topographic version of the future map of the United States as provided by Gordon-Michael Scallion. This map simply provides a more detailed representation of his map from the previous graphic.

The following map is the Future Map of the World as provided by Gordon-Michael Scallion and his organization, the Matrix Institute. Please visit the Matrix Institute store for information on how to purchase any of these maps. In order to honor the work and copyright of Mr. Scallion, these maps are only being provided in their low resolution form. Click here to view other regional images of these maps.

The following video clips illustrate the possible location of Earth’s equator after the next polar shift. These animated representations are based on the prophesized theory that Earth’s poles will tilt by approximately 16 to 40 degrees.

The below video is based on a 20 degree shift in the poles which provides an example of the lower range from Edgar Cayce and more recently by the Mayan Elder’s, who predict a 16 to 20 degree shift.

This next video is based on a 40 degree shift in the poles which provides an example of the upper range from Gordon Michael Scallion, who predicts a 20 to 45 degree shift.