Founder Messages

Thank you for your interest in Timeline To The Future.

The Timeline To The Future Initiative was created from a simple desire to help more people gain access to information related to the events that Earth and humanity will experience in the very near future. As we rapidly approach this period of vast changes to society and personal lifestyles, the Timeline To The Future Initiative is also evolving. This evolution has manifested in a move away from a focus on why, when, where, and what will occur and towards a focus on preparation and long term self-sustainability.

Our commitment to ongoing research continues to generate a clearer picture of the cause, effect, and timeline of these future events.  Although much of this new information may not yet be incorporated into the pages of this website, these founder messages will serve to summarize our revised understandings.

Timeline Update: We are now well past the infamous 2012 date with no real changes to social or personal lifestyles as we continue moving forward with preparations for the coming events. Read more...

Getting Prepared: Many people have asked how they can prepare for the coming events or build a community with limited resources. The reality is there are only two ways to accomplish anything in our physical world, the first being time and the second being resources. Read more...

As founder of Timeline To The Future, I'm honored to part of this amazing adventure and to witness how this website and material are providing a useful source of information to those who are seeking. I continue my work unabated and undeterred to provide information that can help people through this time of transformation. I hope those who visit this website, find a piece to their individual puzzle. Maybe something that clicks, that provides greater clarity, or that triggers an entirely new list of possibilities.

Below you will find links to some personal interviews and lectures that I have produced on a variety of subjects. Some of this material is provided through other pages on this website and YouTube, but they have been combined here for your convenience.

With Love and Blessings,

Ivan “Evon” Stein

Timeline To The Future Founder
Project TriStar Founder
Foundation for Sustainable Living Founder
Alkaline 4 Optimal Health Founder

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