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Pole Shift (magnetic): A shift in “magnetic” poles is one of the more common and accepted theories across the world, however, this is not to be confused with those that speak of a “geographic” pole shift. Even though these events can occur at the same time, they actually have quite different affects on Earth. Because of this, we will address these events separately as a “magnetic” pole shift and a “geographic” pole shift.

Scientists have now concluded that Earth’s “magnet” poles do flip 180 degrees in what’s commonly called a “pole shift”. There are many theories as to the frequency of the shifts in magnetic poles which range anywhere from 10,000 years to almost 800,000 years.

Research into these magnetic reversal events has come through analysis and measurement of the magnetic fields of rock that are located on the surface and within Earth's crust.  Their measurements show that the magnetic field of some rock are exactly the opposite of the current magnetic poles.  By carbon dating these rocks, scientists have attempted to determine when the last magnetic pole shift may have occurred.

The commonly accepted theory is that Earth's electromagnetic field, as well as the magnetic North and South Poles are created from either the spinning of Earth's core or the mantle (hot molten lava) under Earth's crust.  This means that the direction and speed of the spinning magma are directly responsible for the position of the magnetic North and South Poles, as well as the strength of Earth's electromagnetic field.

This also means that a magnetic pole flip requires the magnetic field of Earth to become opposite in relationship to the Earth's crust.  In other words, either the magnetic poles move 180 degrees while Earth's crust remains in the same position or Earth's crust moves 180 degrees while the magnetic poles remain in the same position.  One of these two events must have occurred in order to support the evidence of a magnetic pole shift in Earth's past history.

Scientists claim to have proven Earth's magnetic poles have reverse position in past history by measuring the direction of the magnetic fields in rock strata running opposite to the current magnetic poles.  Since Earth's magnetic poles are created by the spinning magma under Earth's crust, then at some point in past history, the magma must have been spinning in the opposite direction in relationship to Earth's crust. There are two theories to consider how the magma-crust magnetic relationship might reverse.

Both theories methods are based on the Earth Crust Displacement Theory of the late history professor Charles H. Hapgood.  According to Hapgood's theory, Earth's crust acts like a solid disk that can slide over the more liquid characteristics of the mantle (hot molten lava) under the crust.  Although we consider Earth's crust to be an unmovable solid mass, in reality the crust is a rigid mass, between 10 - 30 miles thick, floating over the more viscus magma under the crust.

In order for Hapgood's theory to explain a magnetic pole shift event, one of two events must occur.  First, Earth's crust slides over the mantle until the crust rotates 180 degrees from its current position, then stabilizing in the new position.  This would basically flip the geographic positions of the Arctic and Antarctic while the mantle under the crust maintained it's current rotation.  Second, Earth's crust remains stationary while the mantle slides underneath the crust until it rotates 180 degrees from its current position, then stabilizing in the new position.  In this second method, the geographic positions of of the poles would remain the same, however the spinning magma would have flipped over and now rotate in the opposite direction.

It's important to note that in either case of Earth Crust Displacement, reversing Earth's magnetic field means that the magma would be spinning in the opposite direction in relationship to Earth's crust.  Since the direction of rotation in Earth's crust is directly related to the direction of spinning magma, this also means the crust would have to reverse its direction of rotation to realign with the direction of spinning magma.  In other words, Earth's crust would need to reverse rotation from East-West to West-East.

Therefore, if a magnetic pole shift were to occur rapidly, then Earth's crust would also reverse rotational directions rapidly.  The result would be massive displacement of Earth's crust and oceans.

Any sudden movement in Earth’s rotation will result in the oceans moving in the opposite directions until the oceans reach a new equilibrium. If Earth's crust reverses rotation from the west/east direction to the west/east direction, this would result in a wall of water moving towards every western shoreline on the planet.

People standing on the surface of Earth don’t feel it and often don’t even realize that Earth's rotation means the surface, and everything on it, is moving constantly.  Earth’s circumference at the equator is approximately 40,000km and makes one full rotation in every 24 hours. This means that the surface of Earth is in constant motion and traveling at an average ground speed of approximately 1,667 km/hr (1,035 mi/hr) at the equator. Of course these ground speeds are reduced significantly as you move away from the equator. When you imagine Earth’s crust slowing down abruptly and eventually coming to a stop, you can begin to see the potential for a disaster of cataclysmic proportions.

Ancient cultures describe a period of three days where the Sun does not rise or set. This could mean the process of Earth's crust slowing down and reversing direction. Even if the slowdown is somewhat gradual, there is still the pure physics of so much mass in motion. Have you ever seen anything traveling at 1,667 km/hr slow down quickly? Probably not since most man-made objects can’t travel that fast. Even the speed of sound is only about 1,230 km/hr (761 mi/hr). In other words, this would be even more dramatic than trying to quickly slow down a jet traveling at Mach1.

This centrifugal force created by this rotation produce an equilibrium or balance between the borders of water and land. In other words, the oceans are being held in position by the gravitational and centrifugal created by Earth’s rotation.

From the above explanation, one can begin to realize how a 180 degree magnetic pole shift would result in Earth's crust actually stopping rotation and then reversing direction. Although this has been referenced in ancient literature, it is an event that few can imagine and one which most scientists would claim is impossible. However, if it does occur, this means the centrifugal force on the surface of Earth will go from 1670 kph to zero and then back up to 1670 kph in the opposite direction.

Earth currently rotates west to east which means that the ocean is being naturally pulled, by centrifugal forces, towards every east coastline and away from every west coastline. If Earth's crust were simply to stop rotation, the oceans would immediately inundate every western coastal area and would create new coastlines several hundred miles inland from their current positions. And yes, the tsunami from that event alone would be cataclysmic and of biblical proportions.

If the Earth Crust Displacement Theory is correct, then Earth's crust would stop rotation and then start rotating in the opposite direction or in the east to west direction. This would cause the oceans to move further inland on the western shores and create new coastlines which are even further inland again. Both the stopping and reversing actions will create massive tsunamis as they move inland on all western coastlines.

This theory also explains why the Western U.S. and Western Europe are mostly under water on the future world maps. This also provides a very scientific understanding of why the Western U.S. has been under the ocean several times, why there is a great salt lake nearly 1000 km from the current west coast of the U.S., and how the Grand Canyon has been created.

From this data, it can easily be seen that the deluge and flooding of ancient literature and of the Western U.S. could be explained simply by the reversal in rotation of Earth’s crust. This explanation does not even consider any upward or downward movement in the Earth’s crust due to the buckling of the crust in such an abrupt movement. Yet, there is also proof that such buckling of Earth’s crust has occurred as recently as 13,000 yrs ago.  The affects on Earth from such an event would be nothing less than cataclysmic.

If the Earth's crust reverses rotation, the forces on the crust would be equal to the friction and rotational momentum of the semi liquid mantle underneath the crust. The braking system for such an event would be a combination of the friction between the crust and mantle along with the buckling of the crust upon itself much like the folding action of an accordion. The motion of the crust would eventually slowing down, stop, and start moving in opposite direction. If there is any good news to such an event, it would be that the initial cataclysmic affects in the crust would probably only occur while the crust movement decelerated.

Now imagine what would happen to Earth’s crust during such an event. This gives a new meaning to the words “continental drift”. It gives credence to the geological proof that mountain ranges across the world have risen or fallen 3,000 to 8,000 meters in a single event. It provides a theory as to why virtually all life on Earth was eradicated during a past cataclysmic event. This could explain the movement of erratics (house sized boulders) around the world, the 30 meter cliffs along many coastlines, and angular sediment layers that don’t conform to accepted geological theories. This could also explain why there are sea shells on the top of mountains and cities under the oceans.

Now imagine that you are a human on the surface of Earth when such an event occurs. There you are standing outside and looking up at the sky thinking “oh, what a glorious day”. Then all of the sudden, the ground starts moving. Maybe it starts slowly, but either way, you can not keep your footing or run to a safe location. Pretty soon, the ground under your feet is moving faster until your feet are no longer even touching the ground. Instead you are either being tossed across the ground like tumbleweed or pinned against some physical object while being crushed by objects flying through the air or by the pure force of air pressing against your body.

The conventional dogma is that, during such an event, there would be less gravity causing people, animals, and objects to float off the planet. However, based on the above description of the Earth Crust Displacement Theory, it becomes evident that spinning magma under the crust continues to spin and thereby maintaining Earth's gravitational field.  Another fact is that people from ancient cultures witnessed these events and lived and remained on Earth to tell about it. If they would have witnessed everything floating off the surface of Earth including: people, animals, trees, rocks, water, etc. they probably would have mentioned it.

Many people are already aware that scientists have been tracking the movement of the magnetic poles for decades.  The below graph provides scientific proof that the magnetic North and South Poles have been moving for over 100 years and that the annual movement of the North magnetic pole is becoming exponential.  Although often described as a normal anomaly that Earth goes through regularly, the fact is that this movement is not normal or within any cyclical event that has been witnessed or measured by modern science.  Scientific and practical theories suggest that this could be the beginning of Earth' s next magnetic pole shift although the estimates on how long such a shift might take is still only speculation.

From this graph, it can be seen that the North Magnetic Pole is moving towards Russia while the South Magnetic Pole is moving towards South America.  Whether this is the beginning of a complete magnetic pole shift or not will likely be disputed until the event actually occurs, however, the above graph clearly shows the annual movement of the north magnetic pole to be increasing exponentially.  In addition, the last year data has been made available on this pole movement is from the year 2005.  This suggests that there may be a reason why the governments of the world are not releasing any data past 2005.  Is it possible the magnetic pole movement after 2005 would cause concern the governments would rather avoid?

Something else worth mentioning and which may be significant is that the North Magnetic Pole has moved (about 12 degrees latitude and 18 degrees longitude) which is farther than the South Magnetic Pole (about 8 degrees latitude and 10 degrees longitude) during the same period of time.  Could the inequality of movement between the poles be creating a potential for a spontaneous magnetic adjustment at some point in the future?  Is it also possible that magnetic position data after 2005 could present an even more dramatic difference?

What most theorists and scientists don’t generally agree on is whether magnetic pole shifts and geographic pole shifts are related or occur in close proximity to one another, how long the poles generally take to complete a shift, and how far the poles may actually move. From a position of probability, there is no proof that the ongoing movement in the magnetic poles is the beginning of a much larger movement or complete shift in the poles.  There is also no proof that either a magnetic or geologic pole shift will occur through the possible cosmic or Earth events.

It is commonly accepted, however, that any event that could result in an Earth Crust Displacement event or reverse Earth's magnetic poles would require more energy than is contained with Earth itself.  In other words, scientists generally agree that such events require and are the result of some external cosmic influence acting upon Earth.

There are numerous theories related to potential cosmic events that could be influencing the current magnetic pole movement.  Some of these theories include: a plasma ribbon, superwave, planetX/Nibiru, and even the celestial and galactic alignment that occurs approximately once every 13,000 years.  Although some of these theories include claims that they are being monitored from satellites or Earth-based telescopes, there appears to be no proof of the theories or the claims.

Most people may also be aware that Earth is not the only planet being affected by whatever cosmic event is influencing Earth.  There is scientific evidence that something is affecting the Sun and the heliosphere that protects Earth and every planet from galactic radiation.  Scientists are also monitoring changes on virtually every planet in our solar system including and most notably: Mars, Venus, and Jupiter.

The real question is whether the ongoing cosmic event is going to precipitate a magnet pole shift as theorized by scientists and if so, how fast might such a pole shift occur.  If the pole shift occurs slowly, over thousands or millions of years, the effects on the crust and life on the surface of Earth is theorized to be negligible.  However, what most of these theories seem to neglect is the evidence that the magnetic pole movement is not linear, but rather exponential.

If the movement is exponential, then it is also highly possible that the magnetic pole shift could occur in a period of tens or hundreds of years.  Clearly the measurable movement in the above graph supports the potential of eventual movement of one or more degrees longitude and latitude annually.  Having access to the magnetic movement data after 2005 would certainly either support or contradict the exponential movement theory, however, the governments are not providing any recent data on this event.

And if the movement is exponential, one could theorize that a one or two degree longitude and latitude annual shift of magnetic poles would ultimately be followed by five and ten degree annual shift.  In fact, this theory could account for a very rapid and dramatic shift in the final steps of the entire process.  And if such a rapid shift where to be part of the theorized magnetic pole shift, there is probably no way to understand the full affect on Earth's crust, a geographic pole shift, and all life on Earth's surface.

A rapid shift in the magnetic poles and Earth's crust reversing direction of rotation per the Earth Crust Displacement Theory could explain ancient references that describe a time when the Sun rose on the opposite equator.  Egyptian, Chinese, and South American cultures describe multiple times in their history where the Sun did not rise or set for a period of 3 days, and when the Sun did rise again, it rose from the opposite horizon.  Even in the Koran, it states that a future event will result in our Sun rising from the opposite horizon.

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