• Cosmic-Event

    Read about the various cosmic theories including: SuperWave, Plasma Ribbon, Sun’s heliosphere, PlanetX or Niburu, and the coming alignment between the celestial and galactic equators.v

  • Preperation

    Create a survival or sustainable shelter with help from a blueprint on community lifestyle and architectural design. Learn from those who have paved the way for the rest of us.

  • Acceleration

    Find out what’s behind the conscious acceleration that everyone’s talking about. Watch the video that provides a detailed understanding of how and why this is happening.

  • Safe Location

    Find out how to determine if your survival or sustainable location is safe for the coming events. Read about the considerations from fire, water, elevation, volcanoes, people, and much more.

  • Geophysical

    Review the science from past, present, and future geophysical events including: the next ice age, magnetic and geographic pole shifts, changes in the Earth’s crust, extreme heat from the Sun,

  • Civil-Unrest

    Learn how over population, the depletion of natural resources, deterioration of global health, a coming economic depression, and worldwide famine is creating global chaos and eventual martial law.

  • Future-Maps

    The geophysical landscape of planet Earth is about to change. If historic events are repeating themselves, then here are some representations of what those changes may look like.


Videos Archives

Timeline To The Future

Through 20 years of research, Ivan Stein has created a detailed understanding of the timeline of events leading up to these these historic times. These events include: economic depression, world war III, food & water shortage, martial law, exponential conscious evolution, earth changes, geophysical and magnetic pole shift, passing galactic equator, and entering a new ice age.


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Timeline To The Future Community Project


I read that the community project will be off-the-grid. Why do we need to be off-the-grid prior to the coming events when everything may be destroyed after the events anyway?


First of all, not everything will be destroyed, but certainly what remains of the existing grid system will not be working at all, or in the same way, after the coming events. Most people still can not imagine how much their lives will be changed as a result of these coming events. Community planning and the choice of location are the only things that provide any possibility of sustainability after the events. If done properly, this preparation will ensure the community functions in the same way before, during, and after. This is a responsibility that Timeline To The Future takes seriously and is the primary reason why our off-the-grid community will be fully functional well before the events and the destruction of the existing grid.

The coming events are cataclysmic and will change the face of humanity and the physical world for a very long time. Existing power grids, telecommunications, satellites, gas, water, and sewage lines will no longer function after the events. This is not only due to failing power grids and electronics, but also due to damage from flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, and extreme weather. To rely on these systems would spell disaster for any sustainable community.

It’s exactly because of the coming events that the Timeline To The Future community project is designed to be sustainable and off-the-grid. This means absolutely no reliance on outside grid systems, and relying exclusively on our own power generation, equipment, and resources. If you’re familiar with the reason for creating this community project in a remote location, then you may also realize that grid-type resources are not readily accessible anyway.

Prior to the cataclysmic events and while the conventional grid systems are operational, the sustainability of the community project will be tested to its fullest capacity. This will involve testing of system, procedure, and redundancy while we still have access to products and services that are on-the-grid. This diligence provides the experience and confidence that guarantees sustainability when operating completely off-the-grid. This preparation will also be essential for rebuilding after the events.

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Mission & Vision

MISSION: To present truthful and scientific information regarding historic, current and future changes to the geological, cosmic, and social economic systems.  To provide tangible evidence for these potential events with conclusions to help make more informed decisions. Click here to read the Timeline Overview.

VISION: To increase awareness and understanding of the global geological and social economic challenges that continue to impact our lives. To provide ideas and solutions on how to thrive through these challenging times and events.

News & Updates

1/30/2012: WEEKLY RADIO BROADCAST with Ivan Stein on Mix It Up Radio every Saturday from 3pm–5pm (Mountain Time) where we will discuss topics that include our spiritual, physical, social, and economic worlds, as well as how to prepare for these changing times, and achieving off-the-grid self-sustainability. Feel free to join us online for the live broadcast, submit any questions in the chat or call in with questions at +61 7 3103 2983. You can also download the podcast from previous shows through the website.

9/10/2011: Added 10 pages of new content to "Where Will It Be Safe?" and updated Magnetic Pole Shift Theory and Conclusions. This new content provides research and analysis on the consideration of Island Locations and Mountain Locations.

7/26/2011: Added "More Future Maps" page. This new page has been added due to increasing requests for more detailed views of the Future Map of the World as provided by Gordon-Michael Scallion and his organization, the Matrix Institute. Please visit the Matrix Institute store for information on how to purchase any of these maps. In order to honor the work and copyright of Mr. Scallion, these maps are only being provided in their low resolution form.

9/8/2010: PRIME TIME TELEVISION INTERVIEW with Ivan Stein by Emmy-award winning journalist, Stacey Butler, of KCBS/KCAL channel 9 in Los Angeles. This interview covers a wide range of topics from the possible events as listed on the Timeline To The Future website and the Project TriStar community.

8/1/2010: August 4th - LIVE AUDIO INTERVIEW with Ivan Stein by Dr. Bill Deagle, MD on his Genesis Communications Network at 2PM PST, 11PM GMT. Dr. Deagle is a well known radio host and common speaker on Coast To Coast with Alex Jones. During this interview, Dr. Deagle and Ivan will discuss the state of world affairs and the options for creating global sustainability.

5/26/2010: June 1st - LIVE AUDIO INTERVIEW with Ivan Stein by Dr. Bill Deagle, MD on his Genesis Communications Network at 2PM PST, 11PM GMT. Dr. Deagle is a well known radio host and common speaker on Coast To Coast with Alex Jones. During this interview, Dr. Deagle and Ivan will discuss the possible Social Economic Events that could change our lives very quickly and what people can do to prepare.

5/5/2010: May 14th - LIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW with Ivan Stein on at 3PM EST, 8PM GMT. During this interview, Kedar from Switzerland and host of "2012Truth" will ask Ivan several questions on the conscious and physical implications of the Possible Earth Events, Cosmic Events, and Social Economic Events.

10/2/2009: Added portions of "Social Economic Impacts" including 21 pages of new content under the Introduction, Over Consumption, Health Care, and Economic Depression. The rest of the website content will be coming soon.

8/27/2009: Added over 25 pages of new content to "Where Will It Be Safe?".

8/12/2009: Added over 55 pages of new content to "Possible Earth Events".


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Other Video and Content

4/8/2010: 2010 NEWS UPDATE.... Added 7-Part video of an interview with Freeman by Red Ice Radio. Although Timeline To The Future doesn't usually focus on the endless conspiracy theories, this interview provides some amazing correlations between recent events, ancient historic records, and the events which may begin to unfold as soon as June or July 2010.

12/31/2009: Added 1-Part video from Ian Xel Lundgold's work on the Mayan Calendar. This is a 7 minute introduction video that has been remixed by a third party and is very well done. You can also view this 16.4 billion year calendar and the complete 18-Part presentation here on this website.

10/17/2009: Added 2-Part movie trailer from "Time of the Sixth Sun". A tremendously inspirational movie and one of the best presentations that provide a balanced view of both the physical and conscious transformations that are upon us.

8/21/2009: Added a 3-Part video titled "Everything 2012 Pole Shift" that provides a detailed understanding of the science and prophecy behind the coming pole shift. This is one of the best presentations on the pole shift, equinox, galactic plane, and how they all tie together.

8/18/2009: Added a 14-Part video of Drunvalo Melchizedek about the Mayan prophecies related to 2012. The leader of the Mayan council of elders, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez, has given his approval to tell the world what the Mayans have to say about the 2012 prophecies.

8/3/2009: Added an eye opening documentary called "The Great Global Warming Swindle". Check out this (120min) full version videos on this topic.

7/24/2009: Added video on global sustainability called "The Story of Stuff". This video provides a chilling look at our global unsustainability.


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