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I read that the community project will be off-the-grid. Why do we need to be off-the-grid prior to the coming events when everything may be destroyed after the events anyway?


First of all, not everything will be destroyed, but certainly what remains of the existing grid system will not be working at all, or in the same way, after the coming events. Most people still can not imagine how much their lives will be changed as a result of these coming events. Community planning and the choice of location are the only things that provide any possibility of sustainability after the events. If done properly, this preparation will ensure the community functions in the same way before, during, and after. This is a responsibility that Timeline To The Future takes seriously and is the primary reason why our off-the-grid community will be fully functional well before the events and the destruction of the existing grid.

The coming events are cataclysmic and will change the face of humanity and the physical world for a very long time. Existing power grids, telecommunications, satellites, gas, water, and sewage lines will no longer function after the events. This is not only due to failing power grids and electronics, but also due to damage from flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, and extreme weather. To rely on these systems would spell disaster for any sustainable community.

It’s exactly because of the coming events that the Timeline To The Future community project is designed to be sustainable and off-the-grid. This means absolutely no reliance on outside grid systems, and relying exclusively on our own power generation, equipment, and resources. If you’re familiar with the reason for creating this community project in a remote location, then you may also realize that grid-type resources are not readily accessible anyway.

Prior to the cataclysmic events and while the conventional grid systems are operational, the sustainability of the community project will be tested to its fullest capacity. This will involve testing of system, procedure, and redundancy while we still have access to products and services that are on-the-grid. This diligence provides the experience and confidence that guarantees sustainability when operating completely off-the-grid. This preparation will also be essential for rebuilding after the events.

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