• Cosmic-Event

    Read about the various cosmic theories including: SuperWave, Plasma Ribbon, Sun’s heliosphere, PlanetX or Niburu, and the coming alignment between the celestial and galactic equators.v

  • Future-Maps

    The geophysical landscape of planet Earth is about to change. If historic events are repeating themselves, then here are some representations of what those changes may look like.

  • Preperation

    Create a survival or sustainable shelter with help from a blueprint on community lifestyle and architectural design. Learn from those who have paved the way for the rest of us.

  • Civil-Unrest

    Learn how over population, the depletion of natural resources, deterioration of global health, a coming economic depression, and worldwide famine is creating global chaos and eventual martial law.

  • Acceleration

    Find out what’s behind the conscious acceleration that everyone’s talking about. Watch the video that provides a detailed understanding of how and why this is happening.

  • Geophysical

    Review the science from past, present, and future geophysical events including: the next ice age, magnetic and geographic pole shifts, changes in the Earth’s crust, extreme heat from the Sun,

  • Safe Location

    Find out how to determine if your survival or sustainable location is safe for the coming events. Read about the considerations from fire, water, elevation, volcanoes, people, and much more.


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Timeline To The Future

Through 20 years of research, Ivan Stein has created a detailed understanding of the timeline of events leading up to these these historic times. These events include: economic depression, world war III, food & water shortage, martial law, exponential conscious evolution, earth changes, geophysical and magnetic pole shift, passing galactic equator, and entering a new ice age.


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Community Blueprint
Frequently Asked Questions


  • How can I utilize the documents under Community Blueprint?
    The documents listed under the Community Group menu are there to provide a community template for anyone who may not already have one. These templates have been designed specifically for the Timeline To The Future Community Project and provide everything from a general introduction, how to get involved in the community, details of the community design, committee list, member application form, and a description of the application process. Although these documents are for development of the Timeline To The Future Community Project, they can be used as templates from which to generate your own community specific documentation. Timeline To The Future authorizes communities to copy and edit these documents for use with their community. If you think these templates can be of some use, simply select the text on the webpage and paste it into a word processor for editing. Timeline To The Future only requests that you only use these templates for your own internal purposes and make acknowledge the source of the templates.

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